Homeless =/= Voiceless


Lack of relationships, alcohol abuse commonly affect homeless people

by Lindsay Ivins

by Lindsay Ivins

by Jamie Warren

While the noise of the lunch-hour rush buzzed throughout the cafeteria at the St. Vincent de Paul, Carl Landis, 47, kept to himself, rarely peering up from his wide-rimmed glasses.

47-year-old fights his past

by Cassie Klapp

Lunchtime at St. Vincent de Paul on one December afternoon brought in Jack Tucker, 47, who has been in and out of jail, living uptown and downtown, and in and out of gang life. He was born in Kansas City, Mo., and raised in Los Angeles. As a kid, he was forced into the Crips gang because of the neighborhood he lived in.

Retired, disabled and homeless

by Lindsay Ivins

by Lindsay Ivins

by Desiree Toli

Retirement is ideally a time to relax and live comfortably, reaping the rewards of a long productive life. The ideal mode is retirement homes, vacations and relaxation. Not everyone, however, is so lucky.

Veteran works to rise above homelessness

by Jamie Warren

Throughout the hustle and bustle of the 11 a.m. lunch hour at the St. Vincent de Paul food bank, sat a humble, chatty woman named Regina.  While her posture was slightly slumped, her smile was bright and her eyes lit up at the first mention of her son.

From bad to worse

by Lindsay Ivins

by Lindsay Ivins

by Anne Stegen

Experiencing homelessness is a bad situation in itself, but one man said that the services for those living in homelessness are doing nothing to ease their lives.


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